$113,036,292Total Contributions
$148,016,407Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Students First PAC $18,000,000.00$16,281,518.36
Commonwealth Leaders Fund $6,998,586.07$7,005,916.89
House Dem Campaign Com $6,617,230.35$6,992,836.47
PA Democratic Party $4,374,235.62$4,382,065.69
American Federation of Teachers, Alf-Cio Cope (Aft/cope) $4,031,330.96$5,640,098.79
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC $3,767,646.98$4,437,923.81
Commonwealth Children's Choice Fund PAC $3,250,000.00$260,142.84
Com for a Better Tomorrow $2,721,115.43$2,478,191.56
Philadelphia Democratic Campaign Committee of Philadelphia $1,923,193.95$1,038,523.60
Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania $1,804,392.00$2,379,949.60
Democracyfirst PAC $1,527,018.97$1,394,646.09
Duane Morris LLP Government Committee (State) $1,310,725.00$729,547.58
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 Committee on Political Education $1,298,728.19$1,298,596.86
Elevance Health, Inc Pac (Elevance Health Pac) $1,226,241.88$1,140,925.00
Ironworkers Political Action League $1,214,718.64$548,367.87
Fighting Together for Philadelphia $1,156,500.00$1,331,500.00
Pennsylvania Rising $1,124,499.29$938,041.17
House Republican Campaign Committee $1,115,772.87$1,008,449.63
The Boeing Company PAC $1,113,007.72$1,303,650.00
Citizens for Prosperity in America Today PAC $1,063,627.16$27,182.50
Guy for Congress $1,056,378.81$810,683.90
The Bipartisan Network PAC $1,000,000.00$200,125.75
Local 5, Ibew Pac $899,968.13$693,679.31
Centene Corporation PAC (Centene PAC) $785,217.38$691,447.04
For-Ward PAC $750,000.00$94,678.60