$57,317,938Total Contributions
$81,878,596Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee $5,783,244.05$6,233,659.73
Commonwealth Children's Choice Fund PAC $3,250,000.00$260,142.84
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC $3,058,488.14$3,551,037.56
Students First PAC $3,000,000.00$3,418,068.78
Commonwealth Leaders Fund $2,345,187.22$1,554,581.20
PA Democratic Party $2,141,147.37$2,192,281.71
Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania $1,683,247.00$2,183,041.65
Philadelphia Democratic Campaign Committee of Philadelphia $1,670,770.85$791,265.59
Duane Morris LLP Government Committee (State) $1,309,575.00$506,242.58
Fighting Together for Philadelphia $1,156,500.00$1,331,500.00
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 Committee on Political Education $1,151,040.32$1,103,831.90
The Boeing Company PAC $1,113,007.72$1,303,650.00
Pennsylvania Rising $1,064,854.15$47,810.98
House Republican Campaign Committee $899,334.94$864,188.30
Com for a Better Tomorrow $895,057.91$570,826.50
Pennsylvania Future Fund $655,125.00$632,258.51
Ironworkers Political Action League $634,035.64$382,776.74
Elevance Health, Inc Pac (Elevance Health Pac) $627,089.93$524,000.00
Republican State Leadership Committee - Judicial Fairness Initiative $604,000.00$604,000.00
Local 5, Ibew Pac $546,030.24$261,066.57
Cozen O'Connor PAC $528,072.75$426,262.56
The Cigna Group Employee PAC $527,514.36$590,275.00
Local 0066 PAC Club $513,987.12$628,440.00
Operators for Skill PAC $442,350.00$161,224.39
Impact PA $400,000.00$424,639.81