$68,638,927Total Received
Payee (Click to sort Ascending)Category (Click to sort Ascending)Received (Click to sort Ascending)
Non-Pennsylvania Expenditures Non-Lobbyist$4,551,568.46
Balance of Disbursements From Fec Report Non-Lobbyist$2,490,879.59
Republican Party of Pennsylvania Non-Lobbyist$1,530,451.97
Aggregate Out of State Transactions Non-Lobbyist$1,459,721.47
Atlas & Might LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,220,796.00
Paychex Inc Non-Lobbyist$1,119,046.40
United States Postal Service Non-Lobbyist$1,020,569.14
Red Maverick Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$841,316.33
Mentzer Media Services Inc Non-Lobbyist$805,178.00
Lc Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$570,000.00
Buying Time LLC Media Non-Lobbyist$459,115.10
Non Pennsylvania Activity Non-Lobbyist$458,320.00
Rgb Politics Non-Lobbyist$400,126.96
Deliver Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$386,778.68
New Heights Communications LLC Non-Lobbyist$379,100.00
National Association Of Realtors Non-Lobbyist$364,818.86
Second Street Associates Non-Lobbyist$339,335.56
GPS Impact Non-Lobbyist$329,500.00
Sweda Advertising Non-Lobbyist$304,523.26
The Vanguard Group Committee for Responsible Government Non-Lobbyist$300,000.00
Michael Bartley Non-Lobbyist$259,145.50
Ampersand Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$255,676.73
Cold Spark Media Non-Lobbyist$247,499.15
Indigo Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$213,599.17
Contributions From Fec Report Non-Lobbyist$211,506.19