Pennsylvania Finance Summary
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Pennsylvania Government:

Governor: Tom Wolf (D)

Lieutenant Governor: John Fetterman (D)

Attorney General: Josh Shapiro (D)

State Treasurer: Stacy Garrity (R)

State Auditor General: Timothy DeFoor (R)

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Campaign Finance Snapshot
Total Contributions
Candidate Contributions
PAC Contributions
Total Expenditures
Candidate Expenditures
PAC Expenditures
Top Candidates
Total Donations
Total Expenditures
Josh Shapiro $20,528,554.65$7,749,175.01
Bill McSwain $16,457,631.63$8,081,413.11
Dave White $7,669,515.85$9,764,938.95
Jake Corman III $4,015,810.42$3,902,021.46
Kevin Brobson $3,367,586.57$1,400,778.77
Maria McLaughlin $3,144,177.75$3,448,269.02
Austin Davis $2,704,337.94$2,064,847.22
Carrie DelRosso $2,058,548.79$1,801,143.40
Lou Barletta $2,042,832.12$1,770,458.07
Guy Reschenthaler $1,996,087.54$2,470,604.44
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Top PACs
Total Donations
Total Expenditures
Dnc Services Corp /Democratic National Committee $24,985,293.10$78,441,703.68
Commonwealth Children's Choice Fund $21,319,067.86$23,671,327.36
Commonwealth Leaders Fund $17,603,645.60$16,194,866.01
Students First PAC $17,520,000.00$17,985,015.43
American Federation of Teachers, Afl-Cio Cope (Aft/cope) $8,092,478.81$9,780,555.91
Democratic Governors Association - PA $7,120,693.04$476,258.49
PA Democratic Party $6,296,081.15$6,611,115.01
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 Committee on Political Education $5,935,368.43$4,110,497.86
House Republican Campaign Committee $5,852,699.13$2,730,100.09
DGA Victory Fund $5,209,309.56$714,487.62
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Recent Articles
Kalyn Stralow | 08/04/2022

In Pennsylvania, state-level candidates and PACs have spent $2.8 million from their campaign accounts on services from the United States Postal Service in the 2022 election cycle so far. USPS received 0.53 percent of all $520.3 million in reported expenditures.  According to Pennsylvania Department of State reports, here are the top candidates and PACs that …

Transparency USA | 07/20/2022

Pennsylvania Republican candidates and officeholders have raised $69.4 million during the 2022 election cycle. Among state House candidates and officeholders, Carrie DelRosso has raised more than any other Republican. DelRosso is the representative for House District 33 and is running for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania in 2022. DelRosso raised $2.1 million and spent $1.8 million …

Transparency USA | 07/13/2022

Pennsylvania Democratic candidates and officeholders have raised $67.1 million during the 2022 election cycle. Among state House candidates and officeholders, Austin Davis has raised more than any other Democrat. Davis is the representative for Pennsylvania House District 35 and is running for re-election in 2022. Davis raised $2.70 and spent $2.06 million between Jan. 1, …

Transparency USA | 07/10/2022

When it comes to the money in Pennsylvania politics, these are the names that you are viewing the most. See the top five entities in each category (Candidates, Donors, PACs, and Payees) that generated the greatest interest in Q2 of 2022. Top Viewed Pennsylvania Candidates 1. Doug Mastriano 2. Josh Shapiro 3. Ray Sosa 4. Carrie DelRosso 5. Dave White …

Transparency USA | 07/06/2022

According to campaign finance reports filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has raised $3,321 and spent $23,059 between Jan. 1, 2021, and Jun. 16, 2022. Fetterman currently serves as the president of the state senate. Fetterman is a member of the Democratic Party and assumed office in 2019. In …