$1,880,028,042Total Contributions
$2,361,771,746Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Dnc Services Corp /Democratic National Committee $180,228,425.26$213,268,519.77
Dscc $135,737,092.99$173,978,723.16
PA Democratic Party $47,657,416.13$46,480,189.84
Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee $47,457,864.46$53,733,058.71
Students First PAC $46,963,525.00$46,970,102.77
Commonwealth Children's Choice Fund PAC $45,541,192.84$35,594,809.50
American Federation of Teachers, Afl-Cio Cope (Aft/cope) $38,213,299.13$38,334,054.85
Commonwealth Leaders Fund $34,117,344.20$41,032,996.66
House Republican Campaign Committee $32,542,710.92$30,853,460.47
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 98 Committee on Political Education $32,392,701.17$21,101,533.36
Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania $29,760,637.82$30,480,726.80
DGA Victory Fund $26,152,252.98$25,978,518.38
Honeywell Intl PAC $22,939,982.14$23,462,584.57
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers PAC $22,457,044.20$23,217,905.13
Priorities USA Action $21,837,840.56$24,455,825.09
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $20,020,586.42$19,433,279.64
Greater PA Carpenters PAC $18,770,654.82$18,689,326.89
Democratic Governors Association - PA $18,222,023.04$18,670,029.81
The PAC for America's Future - PA $17,331,207.88$17,665,448.99
Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee $17,116,211.17$16,503,258.65
United Parcel Service Inc PAC $15,785,021.08$15,209,442.22
Democracy for America - PA $15,535,418.14$16,593,997.88
A T & T Inc Fed PAC $14,713,704.87$13,862,205.93
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Political Action Together Political Committee - PA $14,003,124.58$14,562,108.73
The Boeing Company PAC $13,851,000.27$15,058,271.04