$273,231,796Total Contributions
$264,802,435Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Reproductive Freedom for All $45,910,146.20$44,359,519.76
Citizens to Support MI Women and Children $20,736,876.61$20,711,444.68
Promote the Vote 2022 $20,688,994.54$20,521,810.86
Let MI Kids Learn $11,571,235.00$11,474,965.88
Michigan Republican Party $7,639,381.68$9,942,985.88
Michigan Families United (Superpac) $7,581,446.27$7,117,705.18
Michiganders for Fair Lending $7,306,254.00$6,905,178.54
Progress Michigan Political Action Fund (Superpac) $7,055,815.14$6,038,990.19
House Republican Campaign Committee $6,982,899.90$4,395,633.36
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $6,653,492.94$7,673,153.79
Democratic State Central Committee $6,205,603.69$3,064,793.12
Michigan House Democratic Fund $5,658,175.03$5,028,096.94
Michigan Senate Democratic Fund $4,456,704.59$5,244,698.32
Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC- (Superpac) $4,266,900.00$3,179,690.19
Get Michigan Working Again (Superpac) $3,528,999.00$2,649,904.98
Raise the Wage MI $3,244,110.00$3,243,976.94
Protect MI Vote $2,850,000.00$2,742,506.09
Protect MI Voter Id $2,807,555.00$2,800,489.93
Republican State Leadership Committee - Michigan PAC $2,485,800.00$2,525,625.00
Safe Accessible Fair Elections Michigan (Superpac) $2,275,000.00$2,272,176.47
Forward Majority Action Michigan (Superpac) $2,193,348.65$2,188,520.07
Ivote Ie MI PAC (Super PAC) $2,044,357.18$1,999,299.50
Women Vote Michigan $2,000,000.00$1,996,593.89
Secure MI Vote $1,789,003.00$1,802,219.31
Justice for All (Superpac) $1,783,760.00$1,565,859.24