$22,965,075Total Contributions
$15,096,989Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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House Republican Campaign Committee $2,262,211.48$84,072.95
Michigan House Democratic Fund $2,156,526.01$587,188.86
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $2,085,490.90$951,672.12
Michigan Senate Democratic Fund $1,629,787.09$1,208,934.34
Michigan Laborers Political League $824,307.37$275,350.39
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters PAC $738,592.48$337,400.00
Michigan Freedom Network $575,280.00$169,344.56
Building Bridges PAC $508,235.79$210,790.57
Meijer PAC $452,058.00$170,700.00
Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers State PAC $444,950.65$214,760.00
Health PAC MI Health and Hospital Association $382,265.00$303,805.43
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC $343,408.43$276,616.37
United Food and Commercial Workers Active Ballot Club $330,250.00$330,250.00
Realtors PAC of Michigan $326,975.77$384,277.39
Michigan Sugar Company Growers PAC $324,143.02$252,900.00
Michigan Association of Health Plans Advocacy PAC (Superpac) $274,914.00$131,026.78
The Peoples PAC $238,895.66$5,750.00
Realtors PAC of Michigan II $197,169.98$175,385.47
A More Perfect Michigan PAC $187,178.48$185,394.30
Rock Holdings Inc State PAC $186,265.19$196,239.00
Michigan Credit Union League Action Fund $186,251.51$126,163.00
SEIU Michigan $185,003.83$97,750.00
Michigan League of Conservation Voters Inc PAC $180,193.46$55,954.03
Michigan Education Association PAC $171,743.81$203,840.97
Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Assoc PAC $167,055.00$129,279.03