$126,953,797Total Received
Payee (Click to sort Ascending)Category (Click to sort Ascending)Received (Click to sort Ascending)
Sage Media Planning and Placement Non-Lobbyist$3,319,016.09
Buying Time LLC Non-Lobbyist$2,850,358.26
The New Media Firm Inc Non-Lobbyist$2,482,716.67
MRP Federal Account Non-Lobbyist$2,152,857.45
Change Media Group Non-Lobbyist$1,632,665.98
Jva Campaigns LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,278,788.44
United States Postal Service Non-Lobbyist$1,218,502.61
K2K Consulting LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,171,000.00
Facebook Inc Non-Lobbyist$925,792.37
Western American Mailers Non-Lobbyist$882,617.06
Run the World Digital Non-Lobbyist$866,727.40
Public Opinion Strategies Non-Lobbyist$764,600.00
Byrum and Fisk Advocacy Communication Non-Lobbyist$700,666.49
Kivvit Non-Lobbyist$679,000.01
Ampersand Go Non-Lobbyist$641,756.24
Campaign Works LLC Non-Lobbyist$594,470.43
D2 Strategy & Research LLC Non-Lobbyist$580,120.00
National Petition Management Inc Non-Lobbyist$545,061.06
Community Outreach Group LLC Non-Lobbyist$540,000.00
Victor Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$491,208.62
Political Communications Advertising Non-Lobbyist$486,615.46
Resonance Campaigns Non-Lobbyist$478,341.49
Messenger Printing Service Inc Non-Lobbyist$432,163.41
Mv Digital Group Non-Lobbyist$420,219.88
Inland Press Non-Lobbyist$402,574.31