$603,629,625Total Contributions
$595,119,079Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Reproductive Freedom for All $45,250,239.65$44,590,325.81
House Republican Campaign Committee $23,588,007.45$20,759,386.15
Citizens to Support MI Women and Children $21,183,456.61$21,192,917.32
Promote the Vote 2022 $20,688,994.54$20,621,758.51
Michigan Republican Party $19,595,550.81$24,818,443.21
Michigan House Democratic Fund $18,013,823.22$17,013,880.28
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $17,889,740.60$20,347,299.26
Voters Not Politicians Ballot Committee $16,264,157.06$16,351,631.87
Democratic State Central Committee $13,824,682.72$5,192,416.76
Let MI Kids Learn $11,571,735.00$11,885,738.71
Michigan Senate Democratic Fund $10,626,663.54$14,695,031.65
Progress Michigan Political Action Fund (Superpac) $10,309,434.74$10,336,689.83
Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC (Superpac) $8,765,400.00$8,558,998.24
Michigan Families United (Superpac) $8,418,246.27$8,418,396.06
Uaw Michigan Voluntary PAC $7,698,495.00$6,334,888.83
Michiganders for Fair Lending $7,306,254.00$7,303,178.54
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters PAC $6,531,758.49$5,772,799.10
Get Michigan Working Again (Superpac) $6,060,249.00$6,068,068.92
Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes Superpac $5,612,975.00$5,719,176.51
Realtors PAC of Michigan $5,517,141.33$4,952,083.31
Justice for All (Superpac) $4,812,855.00$4,879,709.39
RGA Michigan 2018 (Superpac) $4,759,000.00$4,846,898.58
Promote the Vote $4,715,545.34$4,753,710.16
Michigan Laborers Political League $4,631,190.03$3,894,744.37
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC $4,451,453.77$3,973,192.49