$185,124,082Total Contributions
$209,788,974Total Expenditures
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Gretchen Whitmer Governor of Michigan$29,442,733.28$31,169,817.53
Shri Thanedar Michigan House of Representatives District 3$13,103,714.72$13,142,982.23
Bill Schuette $10,767,699.21$20,454,999.25
Brian Calley $4,728,334.27$5,411,190.58
Abdul El-Sayed $4,547,239.68$9,096,469.04
Dana Nessel Attorney General of Michigan$3,791,363.57$3,405,276.84
Jocelyn Benson Michigan Secretary of State$3,351,068.18$1,862,474.66
Tom Leonard $2,755,963.97$2,588,365.54
Jim Hines $2,617,754.62$4,331,535.47
Jason Wentworth Michigan House of Representatives District 97$1,897,669.03$1,650,796.95
Elizabeth Welch Michigan Supreme Court$1,600,013.13$2,543,207.53
James Craig $1,464,220.48$479,343.82
Donna Lasinski Michigan House of Representatives District 52$1,418,988.50$1,284,199.46
Bridget Mary McCormack Michigan Supreme Court$1,308,584.48$2,086,816.09
Laura Cox $1,207,697.91$2,217,405.65
Holly Hughes $1,188,820.19$1,355,985.97
Garrett Soldano $1,120,007.22$703,729.34
Jim Runestad Michigan State Senate District 15$1,099,710.42$1,192,226.03
Thomas Barrett Michigan State Senate District 24$1,095,497.47$1,563,084.79
Jon Bumstead Michigan State Senate District 34$1,015,623.11$1,457,671.63
Jim Ananich Michigan State Senate District 27$1,011,981.50$1,002,645.81
Curtis Hertel Jr Michigan State Senate District 23$1,006,304.70$927,454.50
Aric Nesbitt Michigan State Senate District 26$978,203.19$678,411.07
James Stamas Michigan State Senate District 36$945,817.00$1,101,124.02
Michael MacDonald Michigan State Senate District 10$871,397.22$1,480,786.81