Democratic State Central Committee
Michigan Committee
$393,777Total Contributions
$184,648Total Expenditures
Financial Activity
Top Contributors
Total Contributions
$75,000.00 State Democracy Defenders PAC ENTITY
$75,000.00 Ted Dintersmith INDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Joe Tate ENTITY
$40,000.00 Gretchen Whitmer ENTITY
$23,750.00 Grand Traverse County Democratic Committee ENTITY
$20,000.00 Glen Tullman INDIVIDUAL
$15,000.00 Allison Price INDIVIDUAL
$15,000.00 Robert Price INDIVIDUAL
$12,573.98 14th Congressional Dist Democratic Party ENTITY
$10,000.00 Michigan Education Association PAC ENTITY
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Top Payees
Total Expenditures
$48,875.00 Michigan House Democratic Fund ENTITY
$48,875.00 Michigan Senate Democratic Fund ENTITY
$27,235.00 Miller Canfield PAC ENTITY
$25,907.38 Goodman Acker PC ENTITY
$8,350.00 Michigan Federation of College Democrats ENTITY
$5,820.01 Mass Mailing LLC ENTITY
$2,883.27 Michigan Democratic Central Committe ENTITY
$2,736.99 Jaime J Brants INDIVIDUAL
$2,000.00 State of Michigan Bureau of Election ENTITY
$1,861.76 Jermarrio Eddie INDIVIDUAL
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Top Loans

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Transparency USA | 10/23/2022
When it comes to the money in Michigan politics, these are the names that you are viewing the most. See the top five entities in each category (Candidates, Donors, PACs, and Payees) that generated the greatest interest in Q3 of 2022.
Transparency USA | 10/12/2022
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is the number one fundraiser in Michigan state politics in the 2022 election cycle so far. According to the most recent campaign finance reports made to the Michigan Secretary of State, the governor received $26,046,921 in total contributions and spent $20,109,935 between Jan. 1, 2021 and Sept. 1, 2022. Whitmer is running for re-election in 2022.
Transparency USA | 09/07/2022
Camilleri is the representative for Michigan House District 23 and is running to represent Michigan State Senate District 4 in 2022. Camilleri raised $572,006 and spent $332,039 between Jan. 1, 2021, and Aug. 22, 2022. According to Michigan Secretary of State reports, Camilleri spent the most money with the following individual payees and PACs.