California Farm Bureau Federation PAC

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Total Contributions
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$185,000.00 Jasmeet Bains Kern County Farmers and California Farm Bureau Supporting Dr Jasmeet Bains for Assembly 2022
$50,000.00 California Republican Party - State
$42,879.25 California Farm Bureau Federation Fund to Protect the Family Farm (Farm PAC)
$25,000.00 Jobspac a Bi-Partisan Coalition of California Employers
$16,200.00 Eleni Kounalakis Re-Elect Eleni Kounalakis for Lieutenant Governor 2022
$12,800.00 Marc Levine Marc Levine for Insurance Commissioner 2022
$12,000.00 Steven Glazer Glazer for Controller 2022
$10,000.00 Rubio Fighting for California Ballot Measure Committee
$8,600.00 Suzette Martinez Valladares Suzette Martinez Valladares for Assembly 2022
$8,400.00 James Gallagher Gallagher for Assembly 2022
$8,100.00 Ricardo Lara Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner 2022
$5,800.00 Andreas Borgeas Borgeas for Senate 2022
$5,493.54 Jacqui Irwin Irwin for Assembly 2022
$5,407.11 John Laird John Laird for Senate 2024
$5,000.00 Angelique Ashby Angelique Ashby for Senate 2022
$5,000.00 Steven Glazer Glazer for LT Governor 2026
$4,999.98 Blanca Rubio Blanca Rubio for Assembly 2022
$4,900.00 Andreas Borgeas Borgeas for Senate 2026
$4,900.00 Daniel Hertzberg Hertzberg for Senate 2022
$4,900.00 David Alvarez David Alvarez for Assembly 2022
$4,900.00 Dawn Addis Dawn Addis for Assembly 2022
$4,900.00 Megan Dahle Megan Dahle for Assembly 2022
$4,900.00 Robert Rivas Robert Rivas for Assembly 2022
$4,900.00 Susan Rubio Susan Rubio for Senate 2022
$4,800.00 Anna Caballero Anna Caballero for Senate 2022