$261,769,913Total Contributions
$281,150,152Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Republican Legislative Victory Fund $1,848,950.00$1,836,134.61
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Legislative Improvement Committee $1,574,010.83$1,206,207.40
Voters' Right to Know $1,558,762.01$1,496,522.97
United Food & Commercial Workers Union of AZ Local 99 $1,477,227.10$1,994,103.88
Afscme People $1,409,991.53$1,409,991.53
Citizens for Accountable Government $1,325,385.00$1,315,850.98
Somos Votantes - Family Friendly Action Fund $1,317,612.92$1,317,611.56
Planned Parenthood Votes $1,230,552.02$1,230,552.02
Stand for Children Arizona Iec $1,171,383.70$1,109,120.87
Committee for Arizona Leadership $1,127,000.00$1,109,123.17
Solutions for Arizona $1,116,804.85$1,115,405.39
Patriot Party of Arizona $1,060,891.34$1,084,396.57
State Democracy Defenders PAC $1,028,041.75$1,028,041.75
Nra Political Victory Fund (Natl Rifle Assn Pol Victory Fund) $1,007,474.07$1,007,474.07
Maricopa County Democratic Party $978,018.51$1,051,141.73
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation PAC $963,701.58$1,047,727.50
314 Action Victory Fund (Fec Id C00689828) $948,045.00$945,397.93
Progressive Turnout Project Victory Fund $944,441.01$848,216.34
Make America Great Again Inc $933,754.69$933,192.19
Nea Advocacy Fund $925,000.00$925,000.00
Great Schools Now $871,000.00$862,408.22
The Future We Want $858,006.55$848,868.30
Revitalize Arizona $849,616.91$751,139.41
United Food and Commercial Workers Active Ballot Club $775,000.00$775,000.00
Save America $770,000.00$770,000.00