$357,027Total Contributions
$287,657Total Expenditures
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Karen Fann State Senate1$254,105.34$233,636.65
Katie Hobbs Secretary of State$76,887.80$0.00
Mark Finchem House of Representatives11$9,549.66$10,845.10
Michelle Ugenti Rita State Senate23$5,450.00$1,238.39
Robert Meza House of Representatives30$4,525.00$0.00
John Kavanagh House of Representatives23$3,500.00$10,416.47
Steven Robert Remus $3,009.02$3,009.02
Stephanie Stahl Hamilton House of Representatives10$0.00$10,353.99
Kirsten Engel State Senate10$0.00$8,975.26
Judy Stahl $0.00$6,529.09
Kim Owens $0.00$1,340.00
Richard Reithal $0.00$664.63
Robyn Cushman $0.00$310.59
Kimberly Moschetti $0.00$181.41
Seth Sifuentes $0.00$145.32
Sharon Girard $0.00$11.18