$217,960,404Total Contributions
$220,751,722Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Arizona Democratic Party $41,353,181.65$38,751,476.47
Arizonans Fed up with Failing Healthcare (Healthcare Rising AZ) $12,777,238.54$12,225,397.02
RGA Arizona PAC $12,495,000.00$12,677,547.73
The PAC for America's Future - AZ $11,214,584.71$5,553,587.75
Arizonans for Free and Fair Elections (Adrc Action) $8,407,869.25$50,000.00
Democratic Governors Association - Arizona $8,313,800.00$8,311,537.52
Yuma County Republican Central Committee $7,792,496.04$5,260,573.69
Dass PAC AZ $5,418,385.74$5,044,970.86
Invest in Arizona (Sponsored by Aea and Stand for Children) $5,364,591.85$5,445,916.03
Worker Power PAC $5,026,731.72$3,863,835.69
Democracyfirst PAC $4,220,582.50$4,315,000.00
Ivote Fund AZ PAC $3,500,000.00$3,105,000.00
Seiu United Healthcare Workers West Political Issues Committee $3,470,000.00$3,470,000.00
Republican Party of Arizona LLC $2,911,451.58$2,261,889.66
Actblue Arizona $2,845,675.76$2,766,239.04
Will of the People $2,781,471.04$1,688,179.75
Raga Arizona for Freedom PAC $2,753,796.00$3,372,893.32
Yes on 308 $2,665,927.01$1,836,518.11
Dlcc Victory Fund $2,416,305.22$1,768,049.88
Arizona Pipe Trades 469 $2,338,795.33$2,445,063.08
Put Arizona First $2,308,131.00$2,307,743.15
Our Voice Our Vote Arizona PAC $1,888,416.28$1,040,787.88
Republican Legislative Victory Fund $1,785,844.00$1,421,880.06
Realtors of AZ PAC (Rapac) $1,742,078.45$1,082,228.23
United Food & Commercial Workers Union of AZ Local 99 $1,696,827.10$1,774,503.88