$262,577,146Total Contributions
$281,447,339Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Arizona Democratic Party $48,801,408.07$48,625,379.20
The PAC for America's Future - AZ $22,018,749.87$20,637,463.73
RGA Arizona PAC $13,795,000.00$13,711,039.56
Arizonans Fed up with Failing Healthcare (Healthcare Rising AZ) $12,951,044.73$12,444,558.72
Worker Power PAC $12,509,615.97$11,999,330.49
Yuma County Republican Central Committee $9,643,436.23$9,517,887.63
Democratic Governors Association - Arizona $9,585,800.00$9,585,354.91
Arizonans for Free and Fair Elections (Adrc Action) $8,408,058.40$50,000.00
Dass PAC AZ $6,333,840.22$6,332,767.67
Invest in Arizona (Sponsored by Aea and Stand for Children) $5,365,977.44$5,446,071.69
Democracyfirst PAC $5,245,582.50$5,245,582.50
Ivote Fund AZ PAC $3,605,000.00$3,605,000.00
SEIU United Healthcare Workers West Political Issues Committee $3,470,000.00$3,470,000.00
Raga Arizona for Freedom PAC $3,401,448.28$3,401,448.28
Actblue Arizona $3,283,969.96$3,284,685.72
Will of the People $3,215,064.09$2,966,615.20
Republican Party of Arizona LLC $3,063,640.05$2,841,319.50
Yes on 308 $2,712,681.05$1,932,803.08
Arizona Pipe Trades 469 $2,702,501.69$2,619,841.79
Dlcc Victory Fund $2,481,835.97$2,436,104.76
Put Arizona First $2,311,067.90$2,310,894.41
Realtors of AZ PAC (Rapac) $2,077,955.14$1,170,301.52
Our Voice Our Vote Arizona PAC $1,981,722.80$1,167,640.01
Arizonans for a Just Democracy $1,911,988.22$1,905,563.29
Forward Majority Action Arizona $1,911,355.75$1,911,319.30