$59,066,590Total Contributions
$60,221,768Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund $19,006,876.89$19,051,042.08
A Better Wisconsin Together Political Fund $6,409,548.05$6,583,890.48
Fair Courts America $6,075,000.00$6,059,682.25
Republican Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund $3,953,668.95$3,339,309.74
Rep Assembly Campaign Com Racc - Seg Fund $3,554,675.99$395,184.76
Organizing Empowerment PAC $1,598,964.25$508,595.97
Wisconsin Conservation Voters Independent Expenditure Committee $1,345,626.26$1,518,887.63
Committee to Elect a Republican Senate - Seg Fund $1,289,080.74$843,001.77
State Senate Democratic Comm - Seg Fund $1,225,685.97$1,286,756.09
Assembly Democratic Camp Comm - Seg Fund $1,024,052.66$776,168.71
Power to the Polls Action Fund $889,454.84$690,656.31
Weac PAC $563,425.07$159,962.83
SEIU Wisconsin State Council PAC $550,005.00$251,115.00
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin Political Fund $500,080.00$577,444.09
Keep Wisconsin Working $490,149.45$490,149.45
SEIU Wisconsin State Council Independent Expenditure Committee $346,300.19$355,332.28
Realtors PAC - Wisconsin $310,363.55$156,733.45
Operating Engineers 139 PAC $288,850.00$268,335.00
Project Democracy $260,350.00$310,684.13
Wisconsin Family Action Inc - 191 Account $256,000.00$256,063.18
WI Laborers District Council $254,100.19$192,841.00
Safe Families Wisconsin $250,000.00$250,000.00
WI Pipe Trades Assn PAC $210,770.33$105,950.00
Republican State Leadership Committee Inc $203,551.62$203,551.62
Republican State Leadership Committee - Judicial Fairness Initiative $199,457.34$199,457.34