$939,928,040Total Received
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Buying Time Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$35,862,227.16
Smart Media Group LLC Non-Lobbyist$31,200,876.26
Grassroots Media Non-Lobbyist$27,116,769.21
Strategic Media Services Inc Non-Lobbyist$25,177,691.69
Creative Direct LLC Non-Lobbyist$11,306,415.49
Sage Media Planning & Placement Inc Non-Lobbyist$10,313,701.69
Mentzer Media Services Inc Non-Lobbyist$8,216,133.89
Canal Partners Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$7,056,681.79
2k Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$6,788,154.83
Google Inc Non-Lobbyist$6,728,414.05
Fp1 Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$6,576,035.42
Facebook Inc Non-Lobbyist$6,196,236.89
Red Maverick Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$6,172,933.08
On Message Inc Non-Lobbyist$5,944,907.18
Braddock Road Strategies Non-Lobbyist$4,973,554.00
Moore Campaigns LLC Non-Lobbyist$4,801,293.62
Paychex Inc Non-Lobbyist$4,642,001.13
Mission Control Inc Non-Lobbyist$4,631,496.25
Strategic Media Placement Non-Lobbyist$4,603,940.43
Axiom Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$4,453,083.96
Al Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$4,368,480.00
Pinpoint Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$4,181,374.07
Laborers International Union of North America (Liuna) PAC Non-Lobbyist$3,882,509.80
Deliver Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$3,820,057.24
Tag Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$3,525,313.31