$593,600,826Total Contributions
$527,951,831Total Expenditures
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Terry McAuliffe $68,384,990.64$59,040,719.06
Glenn Youngkin $50,103,909.61$63,715,391.58
Ralph Northam Governor of Virginia$36,233,121.38$30,159,678.31
Ed Gillespie $29,346,919.53$26,610,476.89
Mark Herring Attorney General of Virginia$18,837,552.83$14,903,003.94
John Adams $9,594,647.58$8,786,387.22
Hala Ayala $9,067,540.47$6,640,697.89
Jason Miyares $7,958,340.79$7,357,147.54
Jennifer Carroll Foy $6,095,777.22$5,316,507.49
Jill Holtzman Vogel Virginia State Senate District 27$5,586,758.57$5,761,812.58
Wendy Gooditis Virginia House of Delegates District 10$5,237,540.88$3,550,518.57
Kirk Cox $4,853,464.42$4,698,469.17
Tom Perriello $4,747,166.19$4,814,432.73
Justin Fairfax Lieutenant Governor of Virginia$4,564,011.88$3,430,029.19
John Bell Virginia State Senate District 13$4,494,046.80$3,564,731.91
Elizabeth Guzman Virginia House of Delegates District 31$4,093,134.22$2,811,502.86
Dan Helmer Virginia House of Delegates District 40$4,061,581.73$3,373,848.87
Jennifer McClellan Virginia State Senate District 9$3,954,186.29$2,962,850.30
Joshua Cole $3,863,780.82$2,739,761.99
Chris Hurst $3,694,307.26$2,811,510.97
Debra Rodman $3,659,283.51$2,439,361.85
Alex Askew $3,596,394.39$2,336,759.07
Tim Hugo $3,583,284.10$2,951,738.91
Dick Saslaw Virginia State Senate District 35$3,502,107.90$2,623,433.80
Nancy Guy $3,498,327.36$2,187,221.10