$170,570,730Total Contributions
$146,821,269Total Expenditures
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Ralph Northam Governor of Virginia$36,233,105.79$30,042,045.71
Ed Gillespie $29,323,286.93$26,553,516.05
John Adams $9,594,647.58$8,761,498.97
Mark Herring Attorney General of Virginia$9,491,872.49$7,995,954.04
Tom Perriello $4,597,166.19$4,633,733.92
Jill Holtzman Vogel Virginia State Senate District 27$4,569,970.93$4,583,889.51
Justin Fairfax Lieutenant Governor of Virginia$4,453,719.80$3,209,067.08
Bryce Reeves Virginia State Senate District 17$1,483,998.90$1,583,804.83
Corey Stewart $1,395,150.32$1,634,413.19
Rob Bell Virginia House of Delegates District 58$1,303,637.98$1,433,008.60
Chris Hurst $1,251,983.15$924,014.43
Frank Wagner $1,173,518.80$1,260,044.18
Joseph Yost $1,155,622.96$1,029,495.01
Elizabeth Guzman Virginia House of Delegates District 31$1,136,325.29$619,209.75
Tim Hugo $1,070,455.97$906,347.07
Michael P. Mullin Virginia House of Delegates District 93$1,066,316.26$689,787.17
Karrie Delaney Virginia House of Delegates District 67$1,022,594.85$729,736.09
John Bell Virginia State Senate District 13$979,752.03$694,057.52
Danica Roem Virginia House of Delegates District 13$978,781.63$685,899.15
Kirk Cox $952,080.32$1,115,849.87
Levar Stoney Mayor of Richmond$940,321.87$900,907.34
James LeMunyon $914,286.55$732,530.70
Jack Berry $880,964.09$1,085,357.48
Thomas Norment Jr. Virginia State Senate District 3$874,871.48$319,815.35
Heather Cordasco $870,744.69$712,713.40