$154,663,318Total Received
Payee (Click to sort Ascending)Category (Click to sort Ascending)Received (Click to sort Ascending)
Smart Media Group LLC Non-Lobbyist$6,978,115.50
Grassroots Media Non-Lobbyist$4,537,764.35
Fp1 Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$2,664,724.27
Gusto Payroll Non-Lobbyist$2,423,659.20
Canal Partners Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$2,282,550.00
Al Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,706,592.00
Paychex Inc Non-Lobbyist$1,692,597.31
Axiom Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,579,976.20
Braddock Road Strategies Non-Lobbyist$1,430,302.75
Red Maverick Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,247,286.38
Mentzer Media Services Inc Non-Lobbyist$1,161,517.00
Vanguard Field Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,071,367.53
Facebook Inc Non-Lobbyist$996,718.26
Shorestart LLC Non-Lobbyist$990,000.00
Creative Direct LLC Non-Lobbyist$979,056.96
Laborers International Union of North America (Liuna) PAC Non-Lobbyist$929,586.42
Asap Printing and Graphics Non-Lobbyist$868,789.75
Capital Results LLC Non-Lobbyist$781,954.99
Moore Campaigns LLC Non-Lobbyist$779,405.04
Google Inc Non-Lobbyist$737,079.57
Ngp Van Inc Non-Lobbyist$726,686.98
Moxie Media Inc Non-Lobbyist$691,628.75
Deliver Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$672,651.13
Screen Strategies Media Non-Lobbyist$647,719.18
Imge LLC Non-Lobbyist$646,759.02