$72,052,980Total Contributions
$54,330,308Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Actblue Virginia $11,488,661.91$11,499,667.17
Spirit of Virginia $9,290,056.26$6,024,939.23
Clean Virginia Fund $7,094,995.14$3,587,737.38
Dominion Energy Inc PAC - Virginia $3,130,000.00$3,655,852.36
Mid-Atlantic Laborers' Political Education Fund $2,937,893.63$2,506,390.00
House Democratic Caucus $2,004,197.49$1,234,400.52
Republican Commonwealth Leadership PAC (Formerly Majority Leader PAC) $1,736,440.01$583,823.96
Realtors PAC of Virginia $1,447,954.14$1,060,264.02
Virginia Senate Republican Caucus Inc $1,416,391.60$923,565.87
A Safer Virginia PAC $1,400,724.51$474,450.73
Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus $1,329,385.50$1,265,119.86
Common Good Virginia $1,166,343.08$851,982.78
Democratic Party of Virginia $1,121,517.60$1,293,221.68
Renew Virginia PAC $1,000,100.00$224,677.89
American Property Casualty Insurance Association Political Account $936,683.00$4,500.00
House Republican Campaign Committee $932,000.79$373,956.99
Winsome PAC $915,651.16$674,926.89
VA Automobile and Truck Dealers PAC $816,095.00$486,881.94
Commonwealth Victory Fund $740,720.92$469,187.66
Republican Party of Virginia Inc $739,200.92$752,947.42
Energized for Change PAC $658,547.48$209,603.46
Headwaters Resort PAC $571,700.00$531,986.98
Baltimore Washington Construction & Public Employees Laborers PAC $565,650.00$600,508.03
Virginia Trial Lawyers PAC $559,058.21$305,609.16
Virginia Beer Wholesalers Association PAC $495,000.00$465,469.80