$137,555,848Total Contributions
$106,207,208Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Hampton Roads Business Roundtable PAC $174,000.00$150,066.00
Home Builders Association of Richmond Builders PAC $173,905.00$157,050.00
Ufcw Local 400 Abc PAC $166,361.72$82,680.00
Winsome Inaugural Committee $163,775.00$129,245.84
Engineering Companies of Virginia PAC $163,584.48$128,865.47
2023 PAC $160,000.00$97,005.00
Maritime Issues Council $159,652.75$304,671.09
Virginia Crnas Who Care About Health Care PAC $159,521.30$131,915.36
Virginia American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations $158,440.80$205,103.70
Fairfax County Democratic Committee $157,994.09$26,361.22
Roe Your Vote Virginia $154,680.24$104,397.18
Loudoun County Republican Committee $154,367.24$132,613.81
Virginia Sheriffs' Association PAC $152,000.00$152,714.90
Virginia Future PAC $150,000.00$175,782.24
Moving Virginia Forward PAC $150,000.00$148,191.18
Reed Smith PAC $144,871.90$126,097.67
No Means No Casino $142,400.00$40,000.00
Virginia Natural Gas PAC $139,250.00$223,320.88
Nova Build PAC $133,945.23$79,240.82
Loudoun County Democratic Committee $129,857.50$93,652.63
The Spirit of Vmi PAC $126,340.34$102,716.36
Virginia Chamber PAC $125,500.00$119,675.50
Roanoke Forward $124,845.81$73,722.63
Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists PAC $116,765.40$92,752.00
Medical Society of Virginia PAC $113,837.24$110,855.07