Eva Guzman

$120,844Cash on Hand
$103,100Total Contributions
$93,299Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this candidate’s campaign.

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$11,005.63 Southwest Airlines ENTITY
$5,026.69 Eva Guzman INDIVIDUAL
$4,729.34 United Airlines Political Action Committee (DISSOLVED) ENTITY
$3,777.25 Upstream Communications LP ENTITY
$3,716.51 Lilly & Company ENTITY
$3,387.50 RIghtSide Compliance ENTITY
$2,721.66 Eva Guzman ENTITY
$1,835.60 United ENTITY
$1,687.50 Bearse & Company LLC INDIVIDUAL
$1,647.92 Eva Guzman INDIVIDUAL
$1,576.46 Holiday Inn Capitol ENTITY
$1,500.00 Texas Home School Coalition Association ENTITY
$1,479.41 The Headliners Club of Austin ENTITY
$1,416.78 Marriott Hotels ENTITY
$1,250.00 Harris County GOP-PAC ENTITY
$1,250.00 Texas CASA ENTITY
$1,221.31 Residence Inn and Suites ENTITY
$1,200.00 AT&T Services Inc ENTITY
$1,190.00 Duke Conference & Event ENTITY
$1,109.33 InterContinental Hotels ENTITY
$1,100.00 Texas Values Action ENTITY
$1,005.00 State Bar of Texas ENTITY
$894.78 Eva Guzman ENTITY
$844.36 Lone Star Legacies ENTITY
$834.56 Sullivans ENTITY