Value Drug Co PAC
Pennsylvania Political Action Committee
$74,303Total Contributions
$75,850Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these donors to this political action committee during the selected election cycle.

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Total Donations
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$6,920.00 Darrin Silbaugh INDIVIDUAL
$4,600.00 Gregory Drew INDIVIDUAL
$4,200.00 Jacob Sherk INDIVIDUAL
$3,100.00 J Mark Bover INDIVIDUAL
$3,001.00 Walter Lizza INDIVIDUAL
$2,300.00 Patrick Lavella INDIVIDUAL
$2,300.00 Robert Ekiert INDIVIDUAL
$2,300.00 Shawn Nairn INDIVIDUAL
$1,700.00 Anthony Bertola INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Bethany Miller INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Catherine Wisniewski INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Exploratory Committee Of Shawn Berger For Governor INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Karla Moschella INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Robert Dick INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Theodore Stoklosa ENTITY
$1,400.00 Dan Asti INDIVIDUAL
$1,350.00 Ronald Dick INDIVIDUAL
$1,250.00 William Ferri ENTITY
$1,200.00 Mark Mcalanis INDIVIDUAL
$1,100.00 Gary Peck INDIVIDUAL
$1,050.00 Robert Maher INDIVIDUAL
$1,020.00 Kathryn R Grandizio INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Alicia Wolfe INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Joseph Lech INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Mark Salvatore INDIVIDUAL