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John Cranley

$2,912,139Total Contributions
$3,183,606Total Expenditures
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Financial Activity
Top Contributors
Total Contributions
$43,507.05 Teresa Fedor ENTITY
$40,000.00 Hamilton County Democratic Party Restricted Fund ENTITY
$37,404.00 John Cranley INDIVIDUAL
$15,000.00 Robert Heidt Jr INDIVIDUAL
$14,625.00 Susan Cranley INDIVIDUAL
$13,704.41 Adam A Thomarios INDIVIDUAL
$13,704.41 Anna Kennedy INDIVIDUAL
$13,704.41 Bob Deck INDIVIDUAL
$13,704.41 Catherine Ridenour INDIVIDUAL
$13,704.41 Dan Cronican INDIVIDUAL
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Top Payees
Total Expenditures
$1,941,254.00 Al Media ENTITY
$137,573.86 Battleaxe Digital ENTITY
$104,152.69 Rivertown Strategies LLC ENTITY
$85,942.04 Andrew Decarlo INDIVIDUAL
$81,071.59 Jada Campbell INDIVIDUAL
$75,677.89 Matthew Schoonmaker INDIVIDUAL
$75,116.86 Jaladah Aslam INDIVIDUAL
$60,492.72 Bobby Bennett INDIVIDUAL
$57,241.33 Outperform Strategies ENTITY
$49,000.00 Hart Research Associates ENTITY
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Top Loans

There is no loan data available.

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Top Personal Contributions

From reports filed by the recipients of these funds, it appears these transactions originated from personal rather than campaign accounts.

Total Contributions
$37,404.00 John Cranley John Cranley Commitee
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