Ohio Finance Summary
The 2020 General Election was on November 3rd
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Political Profile

Ohio Government:

Governor: Mike DeWine (R)

Lieutenant Governor: John Husted (R)

Attorney General: Dave Yost (R)

Secretary of State: Frank LaRose (R)

State Treasurer: Robert Sprague (R)

State Auditor: Keith Faber (R)

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Campaign Finance Snapshot
Total Contributions
Candidate Contributions
PAC Contributions
Total Expenditures
Candidate Expenditures
PAC Expenditures
Top Candidates
CandidateTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
Richard Michael DeWine $5,360,018.27$232,441.90
Larry Householder $2,833,341.57$2,436,653.44
Matthew Dolan $2,010,828.37$1,066,283.56
David Yost $1,962,641.06$147,760.33
Sharon Kennedy $1,932,110.52$1,628,824.07
Matthew Huffman $1,650,973.02$1,574,085.50
Judith French $1,600,508.81$1,291,156.51
Frank Larose $1,275,643.85$439,222.10
Jennifer Brunner $1,086,886.00$922,393.86
Jerry Cirino $958,954.39$277,020.09
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Top PACs
PACTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
Ohio Republican State Central & Executive Committee State Candidate Fund $11,290,028.12$20,309,944.63
Republican Senate Campaign Committee (Rscc) $6,995,116.21$9,320,080.55
Ohio Democratic Party $6,660,169.11$8,067,531.74
Ohio Democratic Party State Candidate Fund $5,706,840.46$7,386,626.01
Ohio Republican State Central and Executive Committee State Account $5,276,796.18$7,015,151.16
Ohio House Democratic Caucus (Ohdc) $3,311,225.51$3,097,222.01
House Republican Campaign Committee (Hrcc) $2,811,630.45$3,473,874.87
Ohioans for Raising the Wage $2,149,000.15$2,114,779.50
Ohio Education Association Educators PCE $1,809,000.00$1,815,542.91
Realtors PAC $1,734,512.50$1,521,514.30
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