$120,237,007Total Received
Payee (Click to sort Ascending)Category (Click to sort Ascending)Received (Click to sort Ascending)
Strategic Media Placement Inc Non-Lobbyist$3,832,932.33
Majority Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$3,128,483.57
Fieldworks LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,565,005.90
JM2 Non-Lobbyist$1,510,663.56
Strategy Group for Media Inc Non-Lobbyist$1,378,634.17
Matchstick Media Strategies Non-Lobbyist$1,102,272.00
Precision Media and Public Relations Non-Lobbyist$913,584.15
Stewart Title Company Non-Lobbyist$789,573.00
Paychex Non-Lobbyist$668,575.70
Marein & Bradley Non-Lobbyist$660,000.00
SRCP Media Inc Non-Lobbyist$564,634.63
30% Nar Non-Lobbyist$552,525.72
Qwestcom Graphics Inc Non-Lobbyist$502,624.53
Medium Buying LLC Non-Lobbyist$487,518.53
The Campaign Workshop Non-Lobbyist$469,264.75
Red Tag Studios Non-Lobbyist$451,510.31
Advanced Micro Targeting Non-Lobbyist$450,000.00
Public Opinion Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$432,612.60
Red Brick Strategies Non-Lobbyist$427,479.09
Mctigue & Colombo LLC Non-Lobbyist$424,498.17
USPS Non-Lobbyist$417,830.39
Triumph Communications Non-Lobbyist$402,309.00
American Civil Liberties Union Inc Non-Lobbyist$381,868.59
Lamar Advertising Non-Lobbyist$357,473.45
Ohio Democratic Party Supreme Court Fund Non-Lobbyist$350,313.58