Camden Republican Party
North Carolina Committee
$3,250Total Contributions
$4,420Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$500.00 Friends to Elect Dr Greg Murphy ENTITY
$200.00 Daphne Robey INDIVIDUAL
$170.00 Aggregated Individual Contribution INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Jeff Jennings INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Robert Hanig INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Ronald Inge INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Sandra Duckwall INDIVIDUAL
$80.00 Phil Faison INDIVIDUAL
$80.00 Taylor Inge INDIVIDUAL
$60.00 Jake Worthington INDIVIDUAL
$60.00 Ross Munro INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Aaron Armstrong INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Billy Elliott INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Bob Krainiak INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Brad Owens INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Charles Walston INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Christopher Purcell INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Courtney Mercer INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Darrin Holmes INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Dennis C Bright INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Frank Yandle INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Georgia Lamb INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Heidi Lewis INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Joey Coppersmith INDIVIDUAL
$40.00 Joyce Jenkins INDIVIDUAL