Political Action Committees

$69,364,731Total Contributions
$72,579,799Total Expenditures
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Total Donations
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Total Expenditures
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MN DFL State Central Committee $10,446,321.53$11,071,647.51
DGA Victory Fund $9,171,502.17$1,020,792.72
DFL House Caucus $3,500,974.14$4,133,623.75
Education Minn PAC $3,414,087.80$2,626,650.11
Deloitte PAC $3,014,467.66$2,691,822.74
DFL Senate Caucus $2,847,893.12$5,271,318.55
Senate Victory Fund (Svf) $2,222,420.27$916,737.23
Dlcc Victory Fund $2,047,624.23$1,249,248.11
2022 Fund (Fka 2018 Fund) $1,675,000.00$2,000,000.00
Advance Minnesota Independent Expenditure Committee $1,541,490.90$382,191.32
Republican Party of Minn $1,507,209.44$1,490,024.42
Hrcc $1,482,176.80$816,304.92
Plan for Progress $1,353,500.01$1,369,936.48
The PAC for Minnesota's Future $1,259,146.00$1,680,695.39
Afscme Council 5 People Fund $1,200,600.00$1,168,152.89
Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund $1,053,476.00$1,444,390.89
Laborers District Council of Minn & Nd Pol Fund $1,049,775.66$2,777,368.62
Win Minnesota Political Action Fund $799,000.00$30,000.00
Daga Victory Fund $739,779.33$1,111,003.75
International Union of Operating Engineers $701,500.00$686,798.10
Planned Parenthood Minnesota PAC $670,724.68$168,689.66
Dass Victory Fund $561,185.00$310,065.16
Pro Jobs Majority $546,976.00$61,824.02
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux $540,086.05$997,800.00
MN Realtors PAC $530,499.74$850,620.44