$10,412,706Total Contributions
$14,454,627Total Expenditures
The 2020 General Election was on November 3rd
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Tim Walz Governor$876,441.27$272,548.66
Keith Ellison Attorney General$171,222.34$296,971.17
Gretchen Piper State Senate33$156,314.69$142,498.30
Paul Thissen Supreme Court Chief Justice$140,425.00$198,473.88
Paul Thissen Supreme Court$140,425.00$198,473.88
Lindsey Port State Senate56$134,856.71$162,032.68
Kelly Morrison House of Representatives33B$134,642.11$156,538.54
Aleta Borrud State Senate26$121,521.36$125,646.52
Ann Johnson Stewart State Senate44$120,965.87$213,906.53
Greg J Pulles State Senate44$115,949.05$105,771.51
Erin Murphy State Senate64$103,373.92$156,277.48
Karin Housley State Senate39$102,725.00$81,993.61
Ryan Winkler House of Representatives46A$99,964.90$115,319.28
Jerry O Relph State Senate14$89,947.00$72,798.62
Bonnie S Westlin State Senate34$88,719.29$129,056.74
Carla J Nelson State Senate26$81,515.18$84,642.17
Aric Putnam State Senate14$81,498.40$77,423.33
Jon Olson State Senate20$80,567.25$118,575.59
Stu Lourey State Senate11$80,503.85$125,900.02
Matt Little State Senate58$74,375.00$91,967.72
Steve Simon Secretary of State$73,850.00$17,300.95
Paul Gazelka State Senate9$72,480.00$44,197.66
David Osmek State Senate33$71,640.00$59,089.32
Susan Kent State Senate53$71,550.91$99,725.83
Jordan Rasmusson House of Representatives8A$71,517.59$83,767.93