$179,643,559Total Contributions
$228,468,537Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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MN DFL State Central Committee $27,675,093.33$29,471,217.88
Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund $17,846,569.63$18,257,799.30
DGA Victory Fund $13,311,410.26$13,797,703.99
DFL House Caucus $9,013,510.27$13,960,677.83
DFL Senate Caucus $8,450,731.35$16,097,435.03
2022 Fund (Fka 2018 Fund) $7,524,100.00$7,525,000.00
Education Minn PAC $5,832,583.95$10,032,503.09
Senate Victory Fund (Svf) $3,802,362.21$4,107,455.65
Deloitte PAC $3,525,174.59$3,626,564.09
Safe Accessible Fair Elections Minnesota $3,367,000.00$3,367,000.00
Hrcc $3,282,215.78$3,333,892.66
Win Minnesota Political Action Fund $2,980,736.04$5,766,332.04
Laborers District Council of Minn & Nd Pol Fund $2,903,469.30$4,146,213.55
Daga MN People's Lawyer Project $2,773,388.29$3,098,215.24
Minnesota for Freedom $2,613,076.26$0.00
Dlcc Victory Fund $2,463,819.12$4,622,128.20
Planned Parenthood of Minn Pol Action Fund $2,459,544.04$2,650,900.21
Advance Minnesota Independent Expenditure Committee $2,360,990.90$2,454,706.18
Republican Party of Minn $2,349,361.61$2,554,966.58
The PAC for Minnesota's Future $2,342,956.00$4,422,476.81
Ivote Fund MN $1,996,208.75$1,996,208.75
MN Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund $1,937,500.00$1,935,780.95
Seiu Minn State Council Political Fund $1,779,465.77$3,533,679.49
Heal Minnesota $1,513,615.00$1,513,615.00
MN Family Prosperity Project $1,463,599.17$1,396,063.53