$422,989,235Total Contributions
$554,204,414Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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MN DFL State Central Committee $61,794,432.23$67,784,110.93
Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund $34,644,708.53$35,159,944.38
DGA Victory Fund $26,128,252.98$26,502,683.50
DFL House Caucus $21,967,429.47$33,394,323.70
DFL Senate Caucus $19,378,199.19$35,126,572.79
2022 Fund (Fka 2018 Fund) $18,337,850.00$28,630,145.17
Education Minn PAC $16,794,896.72$26,024,225.09
Deloitte PAC $13,547,694.25$12,716,396.76
Win Minnesota Political Action Fund $12,060,474.48$21,272,143.68
Hrcc $9,756,573.72$9,800,718.64
Senate Victory Fund (Svf) $9,641,515.85$11,433,726.29
Dlcc Victory Fund $8,264,234.58$12,187,552.40
Laborers District Council of Minn & Nd Pol Fund $7,336,188.88$11,230,052.94
Seiu Minn State Council Political Fund $7,100,274.93$13,766,922.95
Republican Party of Minn $6,808,981.48$7,441,906.57
Planned Parenthood of Minn Pol Action Fund $5,628,694.77$5,878,366.66
Afscme Council 5 People Fund $5,050,014.07$7,500,258.03
Advance Minnesota Independent Expenditure Committee $4,700,775.90$4,689,574.44
MN AFL-CIO $4,410,332.21$6,096,069.78
MN Jobs Coalition Legislative Fund $4,348,041.96$4,345,837.61
Pro Jobs Majority $3,940,918.44$4,645,242.78
Minnesota Victory PAC $3,785,229.00$3,785,229.00
Freedom Club State PAC $3,718,764.11$3,825,501.09
Coalition of Minnesota Businesses Iepc $3,522,981.23$4,413,058.77
Safe Accessible Fair Elections Minnesota $3,367,000.00$3,367,000.00