Kelly Morrison
Minnesota State Senate District 45
$83,879Cash on Hand
$391,774Total Contributions
$455,293Total Expenditures

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Total Contributions
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$500.00 James Kaufman INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Jane Kaufman INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Jason Pflaum INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Jennifer Caron INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 John Massopust INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Karen Erdrich INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Kathleen Erickson INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Kathy Lenzmeier INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Kent Adams INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Lewis Remele INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Lewis Remele INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Lisa Shannon INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Lisa Valensi INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Louise Otten INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Mae Dayton INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Martha Aronson INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Martha Dayton INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Mary G Lawrence INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Mary Tenner Guillaume INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Mia E Mendoza INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Mike Wood INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Nancy Gibson INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Norman Hageboeck INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Pamela Beth Johnson INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Patty Kelly INDIVIDUAL