Erik Mortensen

$3,163Cash on Hand
$124,268Total Contributions
$123,149Total Expenditures

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Total Contributions
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$61,615.02 Aggregated Unitemized Contributions INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Angie Stromgren INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Bart Anderson INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Boyd Kneen INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Brian Bowers INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Carmelle Eickhoff INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Christine Wagner INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Clayton Wagner INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Cushman Minar INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Dale Zoerb INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 David Hughes INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 David Schultz INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Don Huizuenga INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Don Niemi INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Jennifer Andrew INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Joan and Robert P Cummins INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Joe Groebner INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Joseph Ditto INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Kendrick Taylor INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Michele Even INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Nancy Zoerb INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Dr Shah Neil INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Philip Andrew INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Renee R Wagner INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Robert Cummins INDIVIDUAL