Minnesota Finance Summary
The 2020 General Election is on November 3rd
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Minnesota Government:

Governor: Tim Walz (D)

Lieutenant Governor: Peggy Flanagan (D)

Attorney General: Keith Ellison (D)

Secretary of State: Steve Simon (D)

State Auditor: Julie Blaha (D)

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Campaign Finance Snapshot
Total Contributions
Candidate Contributions
PAC Contributions
Total Expenditures
Candidate Expenditures
PAC Expenditures
Top Candidates
CandidateTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
Tim Walz $876,241.27$272,548.66
Keith Ellison $171,222.34$296,971.17
Kelly Morrison $105,699.61$72,789.87
Karin Housley $94,550.00$31,089.74
Gretchen Piper $88,533.86$22,535.00
Paul Thissen $82,150.00$63,362.57
Paul Thissen $82,150.00$63,362.57
Stu Lourey $80,503.85$125,900.02
Greg J Pulles $77,399.05$27,532.38
Steve Simon $73,850.00$17,300.95
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Top PACs
PACTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
MN DFL State Central Committee $7,377,871.00$6,162,723.73
Dga Victory Fund $4,013,274.31$2,567,150.96
Education Minn PAC $3,113,695.88$2,216,493.37
DFL Senate Caucus $2,672,872.71$1,971,345.92
Win Minnesota Political Action Fund $2,062,966.79$2,207,966.79
DFL House Caucus $2,056,303.41$1,532,624.19
Dlcc Victory Fund $2,047,970.00$807,954.04
Senate Victory Fund (Svf) $1,925,435.24$1,191,117.69
Afscme Council 5 People Fund $1,304,700.62$638,053.51
Laborers District Council of Minn & Nd Pol Fund $1,214,015.81$752,867.72
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Top Lobbyists

No Records

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Top Donors
Alida R Messinger $1,254,000.00
Donald Sussman $1,100,000.00
Lisa Mennet $750,000.00
Edward W Snowdon Jr $675,000.00
Stacy H Schusterman $500,000.00
Stanley S Hubbard $411,500.00
Vance K Opperman $400,674.36
Paul Joseph Brown $350,000.00
Pamela S and James D Deal $329,350.00
Robert J Ulrich $296,000.00
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