Sawicki and Sons Inc
$343,262Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments (Click to sort Ascending)Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)PAC (Click to sort Ascending)
$14,269.20 Bay County Democratic Committee
$11,170.81 Committee to Elect Caryn Vanderheuvel
$10,883.02 Matthew R Kacel Committee to Elect Matthew R Kacel
$10,244.90 Keep Judge Mona Armstrong
$9,359.74 Dan Palmer for Judge
$7,462.56 Shri Thanedar Shri Thanedar for Michigan
$7,214.36 Byron J Konschuh Committee to Re-Elect Byron J Konschuh Circuit Judge
$7,070.20 Thomas Ginster Thomas Ginster for Judge
$6,466.00 Meghan Reckling Friends of Meghan Reckling
$6,096.33 Amos O'Neal Committee to Elect Amos Oneal
$5,893.60 Michael G Mitchell Committee to Elect Michael G Mitchell
$5,748.38 Tabitha Marsh Cte Tabitha Marsh Flint District Judge
$5,614.03 Ranjeev Puri Friends of Ranjeev Puri
$5,437.80 Committee to Elect Adrienne Young
$5,288.34 Brian Hosticka Friends of Brian Hosticka
$5,215.20 Gregory Alexander Cte Greg Alexander for State Representative
$5,099.41 Alexandria Taylor Alexandria Taylor for Judge
$4,936.42 James Haadsma Committee to Elect Jim Haadsma
$4,865.40 Morgan Cole for 30th Circuit Court Judge
$4,809.27 Mary Cavanagh Mary Cavanagh for State Representative
$4,756.76 Christopher Slat Christopher Slat for State House
$4,652.53 Matt Koleszar Committee to Elect Matt Koleszar
$4,471.40 Elisabeth Mullins Committee to Elect Elisabeth M Mullins for Judge
$4,452.00 Laurie Pohutsky Laurie Pohutsky for Hd 19
$4,377.27 Christine Morse Committee to Elect Christine Morse for State House