Political Action Committees

$309,939,250Total Contributions
$329,187,523Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Voters Not Politicians Ballot Committee $16,264,157.06$16,461,981.83
House Republican Campaign Committee $14,982,992.41$22,552,125.98
Michigan Republican Party $14,365,333.60$19,790,631.31
Senate Republican Campaign Committee $10,324,253.79$9,544,487.08
Michigan House Democratic Fund $10,109,342.92$12,511,548.53
Democratic State Central Committee $7,622,879.03$2,464,127.89
Uaw Michigan Voluntary PAC $7,616,367.00$5,507,269.95
Conservation Voters of Michigan PAC- (Superpac) $4,856,900.00$5,119,120.06
RGA Michigan 2018 (Superpac) $4,759,000.00$4,846,898.58
Promote the Vote $4,715,545.34$4,753,895.11
Clean Energy Healthy Michigan $4,200,100.00$4,416,184.59
Michigan Senate Democratic Fund $4,158,778.81$8,920,186.15
Realtors PAC of Michigan $3,888,104.34$3,022,348.07
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters PAC $3,707,324.32$3,649,499.67
Progress Michigan Political Action Fund (Superpac) $3,291,991.50$3,621,035.31
Protect My Vote $3,237,189.00$5,441,023.90
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC $3,133,906.42$2,804,650.29
Fair and Equal Michigan $3,129,591.88$3,148,111.36
Unlock Michigan $3,067,884.37$3,337,281.80
Michigan Laborers Political League $2,981,113.09$2,245,947.74
Michigan Leadership Committee PAC (Superpac) $2,909,900.00$5,379,254.66
Michigan Planned Parenthood Votes (Superpac) $2,847,975.00$2,791,647.83
Justice for All (Superpac) $2,741,885.00$2,741,582.82
Better Jobs Stronger Families PAC (Superpac) $2,712,140.00$4,794,252.71
Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers State PAC $2,640,056.30$2,343,487.41