Newaygo County Republican Committee
Michigan Committee
$19,444Total Contributions
$30,875Total Expenditures
Financial Activity
Top Contributors
Total Contributions
$8,732.25 Newaygo County Republican Committee ENTITY
$960.00 Dale Twing INDIVIDUAL
$900.00 Tillman Jeff INDIVIDUAL
$580.00 Ben Landheer INDIVIDUAL
$505.00 Michelle Kuikstra INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Schindlbeck Diane INDIVIDUAL
$300.00 Brian Frens INDIVIDUAL
$268.00 Amber Muma INDIVIDUAL
$210.00 Jason Fulton INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Chuck Trapp INDIVIDUAL
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Top Payees
Total Expenditures
$4,876.00 Lakes 23 ENTITY
$4,000.00 Joseph Fox ENTITY
$4,000.00 Tudor Dixon ENTITY
$3,000.00 Matthew DePerno ENTITY
$3,000.00 The Shack Country Inn ENTITY
$2,000.00 Karamo for Sos ENTITY
$1,500.00 Friends of Jon Bumstesd ENTITY
$965.00 Eventbrite ENTITY
$960.00 Fremont Community Recreation ENTITY
$922.50 Times Indicator ENTITY
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