Kalamazoo County Democratic Party
Michigan Committee
$9,627Total Contributions
$339Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$750.00 David S Scarrow INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Brian W Maxey INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Caroline R Ham INDIVIDUAL
$500.00 Dawn M Matico-Deleeuw INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Leonard O'Neill INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Mary C Brown INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Stanley L Rajnak INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Bruce Stein INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 James M Galligan INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Leigh A Ford INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Patricia J Shiley INDIVIDUAL
$200.00 Paul C Clements INDIVIDUAL
$150.00 Alan J Hovestadt INDIVIDUAL
$140.00 Mildred M Lambert INDIVIDUAL
$110.00 Betsy A Rice INDIVIDUAL
$110.00 Brian O'Donnell INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Barbara L Sagara INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Charles G Hodgman INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Daniel A Skarritt INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Eric Lester INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Gloria H Emmons INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Jack L Duke INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Jerry James INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Judy Gaspar INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Karen A Mcnulty INDIVIDUAL