Tudor Dixon

$8,781,289Total Contributions
$8,043,928Total Expenditures

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Total Contributions
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$1,045,275.00 Fundraiser Event ENTITY
$66,349.81 Cherry Capital Victory Committee ENTITY
$34,000.00 Michigan Farm Bureau PAC ENTITY
$17,850.00 Rees-Jones Trevor ENTITY
$17,200.00 Rhonda Estes ENTITY
$16,000.00 MI Assoc of Community Bankers of Michigan PAC ENTITY
$15,300.00 Sidney Jansma Jr ENTITY
$14,300.00 Alinda Wikert ENTITY
$14,300.00 David Wisen ENTITY
$14,300.00 Jeffrey Baker ENTITY
$14,300.00 Jeffrey Vanderlaan ENTITY
$14,300.00 Joan Mahalak ENTITY
$14,300.00 Kathleen and John Workman ENTITY
$14,300.00 Keith Crain ENTITY
$14,300.00 Makary Vaughn ENTITY
$14,300.00 Maria and Doug Devos ENTITY
$14,300.00 Mary Crain ENTITY
$14,300.00 Paige Rakolta Frisch ENTITY
$14,300.00 Robert L Recchia ENTITY
$14,300.00 Sidney W Smith ENTITY
$12,850.00 Tucker Robert ENTITY
$12,300.00 John Swanson ENTITY
$10,000.00 Capitol Affairs PAC ENTITY
$10,000.00 Chandonnet Robert ENTITY
$10,000.00 Chase Carole ENTITY