Megan Cottington-Heath

$465,930Total Contributions
$452,859Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this candidate’s campaign.

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Total Expenditures
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$80,839.73 Allied Media Union Serives ENTITY
$56,000.00 Mlive Media Group ENTITY
$50,830.00 WNEM TV ENTITY
$49,775.00 Promotional Rescue ENTITY
$32,100.00 Ross Steve INDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Martin Mccormick ENTITY
$19,940.24 Reimold Printing Corporation ENTITY
$14,273.62 Sara Cottington-Heath INDIVIDUAL
$12,550.00 Practical Political Consulting Inc ENTITY
$9,514.37 Kroger ENTITY
$9,088.80 The T Shirt Shop ENTITY
$8,700.00 Lamar Advertising Company ENTITY
$7,781.83 Meijer Inc ENTITY
$7,428.66 Facebook Inc / Meta ENTITY
$6,900.00 Rachel Harper Design LLC ENTITY
$6,812.23 Amazon ENTITY
$6,750.00 Eric Oblander ENTITY
$6,129.04 United States Postal Service ENTITY
$5,120.00 Saginaw Depot Preservation Corp ENTITY
$5,032.38 Menards ENTITY
$4,614.48 Costco Wholesale ENTITY
$3,200.00 Alexander Mixter ENTITY
$2,250.00 Focus Media Outdoor ENTITY
$2,202.87 Stripe Campaign Partner ENTITY
$2,195.80 Staples ENTITY