Gretchen Whitmer
Governor of Michigan
$31,861,191Total Contributions
$33,164,958Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this candidate during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$250,000.00 Jay Pritzker INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Mark Bernstein INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Patricia Stryker INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Ronda Stryker INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Stacy Schusterman INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Heidi and Christopher Stolte INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 James Offield INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Karla T Jurvetson INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Richard Whitmer INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Sharif Hussein INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Stephen Silberstein INDIVIDUAL
$88,500.00 Arn Tellem INDIVIDUAL
$82,150.00 Timothy Light INDIVIDUAL
$75,000.00 Martha Samuelson INDIVIDUAL
$75,000.00 Wendy and Paul Greeney INDIVIDUAL
$71,500.00 Communications Workers of America MI Action Comm ENTITY
$71,500.00 Democratic Governors Association Federal ENTITY
$71,500.00 Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Assoc PAC ENTITY
$71,500.00 Michigan Laborers Political League ENTITY
$71,500.00 Rock Holdings Inc State PAC ENTITY
$70,500.00 Centene Corporation PAC ENTITY
$69,000.00 Michigan State Utility Workers Council AFL CIO PAC ENTITY
$67,850.00 Mike J Shehadi INDIVIDUAL
$66,500.00 Operating Engineers Local 324 St of MI PAC ENTITY
$65,000.00 Emilys List Michigan ENTITY