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$4,567,969Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments
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$1,094,658.36 Committee to Increase Voting in California
$1,078,687.60 California Democratic Party
$423,466.39 Fighting for Our Future
$231,776.53 Dave Jones Dave Jones for State Senate 2022
$224,239.56 California Alliance a Coalition of Consumer Attorneys Conservationists and Food and Commercial Workers
$186,742.93 Retirees and Public Employees for Retirement Security Supporting Pacheco and Miller for Calpers Board 2021 Sponsored by Labor Organizations
$145,015.16 James Ramos Re-Elect James Ramos for Assembly 2022
$144,143.36 Stephanie Nguyen Stephanie Nguyen for Assembly 2022
$110,528.38 Ken Cooley Re-Elect Ken Cooley for Assembly 2022
$110,378.76 Nurses and Educators for Georgette Gomez for Assembly 2022 Sponsored by Labor Organizations
$97,574.00 Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods PAC
$66,494.18 Jasmeet Bains Dr Jasmeet Bains for Assembly 2022
$64,244.20 Educators and Healthcare Professionals for Mia Bonta for State Assembly 2021 Sponsored by Labor Unions Education and Healthcare Organizations
$63,670.73 Protect Our Retirement and Healthcare Supporting Mullissa Willette for Calpers Board 2022 Sponsored by Seiu California State Council
$56,390.03 Keeping Californians Working a Coalition of Insurance Agents Technology Energy and Health Care Providers
$51,617.65 Mike Karbassi Mike Karbassi for Assembly 2022
$51,146.48 Kevin McCarty Kevin Mccarty for Assembly 2022
$45,609.00 California Labor and Business Alliance (Clab) Sponsored by Correctional Peace Officers Housing Industry Organizations and Energy Providers
$44,386.89 Jacqui Irwin Irwin for Assembly 2022
$33,692.00 California Dental Association Independent Expenditure PAC
$27,698.00 Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom
$26,024.00 Educators and Healthcare Professionals for Mia Bonta for State Assembly 2021 Sponsored by Education School Employee and Dentist Organizations
$25,112.00 Wendy Carrillo Wendy Carrillo for Assembly 2022
$24,973.00 California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee - California Association of Realtors
$22,945.00 Alliance to Support the Middle Class