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This organization has been paid by the candidates and committees listed below.

Total Payments
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$3,852,429.51 Yes on 27 - Californians for Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support a Coalition of Housing and Mental Health Experts Concerned Taxpayers and Digital Sports (See Attachment)
$2,970,524.77 Yes on 26 No on 27 - Coalition for Safe Responsible Gaming Sponsored by California Indian Tribes
$2,115,310.04 No on 29: Stop yet Another Dangerous Dialysis Proposition Sponsored by Patients Doctors Nurses and Dialysis Providers
$2,082,746.60 Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom
$1,659,370.00 Yes on Proposition 31 Committee to Protect California Kids Sponsored by Nonprofit Health Organizations
$1,421,200.00 Yes on 30: Clean Air California a Coalition of Calfire Firefighters Working Families Rideshare Companies and Environmental Groups
$1,041,335.00 No on 26 - Taxpayers Against Special Interest Monopolies Sponsored by Licensed Card Clubs
$808,010.00 Gavin Newsom Newsom for California Governor 2022
$729,045.00 No on 30
$626,492.52 John Cox John Cox for Governor 2021 Inc
$324,750.00 Fund for a Better California Primarily Formed to Support Kevin Faulconer for Governor 2022
$304,448.75 Larry Elder Elder for Governor 2021
$239,486.44 Yvonne Yiu Yvonne Yiu for State Controller 2022
$237,893.75 Rob Bonta Rob Bonta for CA Attorney General 2022
$156,655.00 Larry Elder Ballot Measure Committee Recall Newsom
$105,795.25 Kevin Faulconer Faulconer for Governor 2021
$53,621.00 American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Local 3299 PAC
$34,226.28 California Statewide Law Enforcement Association Independent Expenditure Committee
$31,875.00 Nathan Hochman Nathan Hochman for Attorney General 2022
$3,800.00 Lanhee Chen Chen for Controller 2022
-$786.25 Yes on 22 - Save App-Based Jobs & Services: a Coalition of on-Demand Drivers and Platforms Small Businesses Public Safety and Community Organizations