Educate Your Vote

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments
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$210,723.00 Yes on 27 - Californians for Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support a Coalition of Housing and Mental Health Experts Concerned Taxpayers and Digital Sports (See Attachment)
$51,750.00 No on 26 - Taxpayers Against Special Interest Monopolies Sponsored by Licensed Card Clubs
$51,550.00 No on 30
$45,016.00 Steven Glazer Glazer for Controller 2022
$14,996.00 Peggy Huang Huang for Judge 2022
$9,996.00 Shawn Nelson Shawn Nelson for Judge 2022
$9,218.00 David B. Gelfound Committee to Re-Elect Gelfound for Judge 2022
$9,000.00 Ricardo Lara Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner 2022
$6,314.00 Lola Smallwood- Cuevas Lola Smallwood-Cuevas for Senate 2022
$5,997.00 David Alvarez Alvarez for Judge 2022
$4,724.00 Mike Gipson Gipson for Assembly 2022
$4,609.00 Melissa Hammond Melissa Hammond for Judge 2022
$4,609.00 Naser Khoury Khoury for Judge 2022
$4,609.00 Renee Chang Renee Chang for Judge 2022
$4,000.00 Jessica Cha Cha for Oc Judge 2022
$2,500.00 Melissa Lyons Melissa Lyons for La County Superior Court Judge 2022
$2,500.00 Patrick Hare Hare for Judge 2022
$1,986.00 Anthony Rendon Rendon for Assembly 2022
$1,487.38 Guardians of Our Communities
$1,250.00 David Berger David Berger for Judge 2020
$1,036.00 Manufactured Housing Educational Trust PAC / Mhet PAC
$1,000.00 Antonio Vazquez Vazquez for State Board of Equalization 2022
$390.00 Jose Solache Friends of Solache for City Council 2022
$372.00 Tina McKinnor Tina Mckinnor for Assembly 2022
$100.00 Caroline Menjivar Menjivar for Senate 2022