Aggregated Unitemized Expenditures

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments
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$5,289,026.44 Honeywell International PAC (Fec Id#c00096156)
$3,388,949.13 United Parcel Service Inc PAC (Fec Id#c00064766)
$3,263,667.05 Unite Here Tip State & Local Fund (Ny Id#3370)
$2,498,312.04 Nea Fund for Children and Public Education (Fec Id#c00003251)
$2,174,286.85 Ro for Congress - California Committee (Fed PAC #C00503185)
$2,041,606.57 California Republican Party - State
$1,931,970.24 Newsom; moveonorg Political Action (Fed PAC Id # C00341396) Opposing Recall of Governor Gavin
$1,910,762.50 Employees of Northrop Grumman Corporation PAC (Fec Id#c00088591)
$1,659,789.85 Real Justice PAC (Fed PAC Id #C00632554)
$1,529,870.43 Transport Workers Union of America Political Contributions Committee (Fec Id#c00008268)
$1,042,366.16 moveonorg Political Action (Fed PAC Id # C00341396)
$952,936.10 Democracy for America - CA (Fed PAC Id C00370007)
$896,602.00 Newsom Recall; Black Americans Making America First (Fed Id #C00668517) Supporting
$837,029.22 Grassroots Law PAC (Fed PAC Id #C00712109)
$680,266.07 Amalgamated Transit Union - Cope (Fed PAC Id# C00032995)
$620,151.49 Deere & Company PAC (Aka John Deere PAC) (Fec Id#c00204099)
$607,507.40 Caterpillar Inc PAC (Catpac) (Fec Id#c00148031)
$545,531.34 Duane Morris LLP Government Committee (State) (PA Id#7900289)
$402,983.96 Sanofi US Services Inc Employees' PAC (Fec Id#c00144345)
$314,267.52 Service Corporation International PAC (Fec Id#c00173096)
$302,939.96 Aecom PAC - California Account (Fed PAC Id #C00374447)
$300,772.20 Amalgamated Transit Union - Cope (Fec Id#c00032995)
$207,158.00 Marriott International PAC Sponsored by Marriott International Inc
$176,059.18 Herbalife International Inc PAC (Fec Id#c00393298)
$164,699.99 Elect More Democrats PAC (Fed PAC Id C00695395)