Farmers Group Inc Employees and Agents PAC

This page displays the cumulative amount given by this contributor to these individuals or organizations.

Total Contributions
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$155,000.00 California Democratic Party
$140,000.00 California Republican Party - State
$64,800.00 Gavin Newsom Newsom for California Governor 2022
$27,034.65 Farmers Group Inc Employees and Agents PAC - Small Contributor Committee
$24,871.85 Farmers Employees and Agents PAC
$24,000.00 Personal Insurance Federation Committee
$23,400.00 Susan Rubio Susan Rubio for Senate 2022
$17,500.00 Lgbt (Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender) Caucus Leadership Fund
$16,200.00 Fairpac Sponsored by the Civil Justice Association of California
$16,200.00 Personal Insurance Federation of CA Agents & Employees PAC
$16,200.00 Steven Glazer Glazer for Controller 2022
$15,123.44 Farmers Employees and Agents PAC Sponsored by Farmers Group Inc
$12,500.00 Portantino for Superintendent of Public Instruction 2026
$12,400.00 Toni Atkins Toni Atkins for LT Governor 2026
$11,400.00 Melissa Hurtado Hurtado for Senate 2022
$9,800.00 Shawn Kumagai Shawn Kumagai for Assembly 2022
$8,900.00 Suzette Martinez Valladares Suzette Martinez Valladares for Assembly 2022
$7,400.00 Eric Guerra Eric Guerra for Assembly 2022
$6,400.00 James Gallagher Gallagher for Assembly 2022
$6,400.00 Janet Nguyen Janet Nguyen for Senate 2022
$6,250.00 Bill Dodd Bill Dodd for LT Governor 2026
$5,000.00 Republican Party of San Diego County
$5,000.00 Adam Gray Gray for Assembly 2022
$5,000.00 Akilah Weber Weber for CA Assembly 2022
$5,000.00 Robert Rivas Robert Rivas for Assembly 2022