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$250,000.00 Keeping Californians Working a Coalition of Insurance Agents Technology Energy and Health Care Providers
$250,000.00 Results for Contra Costa Supporting Karen Mitchoff for Assembly 2024 Sponsored by Health Care and Housing Providers
$249,000.00 Keep California Golden
$200,000.00 Jobspac a Bi-Partisan Coalition of California Employers
$125,000.00 California Republican Party - State
$110,000.00 Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy
$75,000.00 Committee to Engage and Empower California Voters
$50,000.00 Fighting for Our Future
$50,000.00 Stand up for Sacramento in Support of Maggy Krell for Assembly 2024 Sponsored by Davita Inc
$50,000.00 Yes on Proposition 1-Expanding Access to Mental Health Services and Veterans' Care Sponsored by California Medical Association
$35,000.00 Women in Power (Wip PAC)
$22,500.00 Rubio Fighting for California Ballot Measure Committee
$20,000.00 Catherine Blakespear Legal Defense Fund
$15,000.00 Asian Pacific Islander Leadership PAC
$15,000.00 Lgbt (Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender) Caucus Leadership Fund
$11,000.00 Esmeralda Soria Soria for Assembly 2024
$10,500.00 Avelino Valencia Avelino Valencia for State Assembly 2024
$10,400.00 Akilah Weber Dr Akilah Weber for State Senate 2024
$10,000.00 California African American PAC
$10,000.00 Results for California: a Cottie Petrie-Norris Ballot Measure Committee
$8,100.00 California Dialysis Council PAC
$8,000.00 Catherine Blakespear Catherine Blakespear for Senate 2026
$7,500.00 Cottie Petrie-Norris Cottie Petrie-Norris for Assembly 2024
$6,000.00 Matt Haney Matt Haney for Assembly 2024
$5,500.00 Adam Perez Adam Perez for Assembly 2024