California State Association of Electrical Workers PAC

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Total Contributions
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$1,000,000.00 Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom
$650,000.00 California Democratic Party
$500,000.00 Governor Newsom's Ballot Measure Committee
$377,266.12 California State Association of Electrical Workers
$100,000.00 Yes on 30: Working Families and Environmental Voters to Expose Greedy Billionaires and Ceos
$51,000.00 Yes on 30: Clean Air California a Coalition of Calfire Firefighters Working Families Rideshare Companies and Environmental Groups
$50,000.00 California Latino PAC
$40,500.00 Democratic Party of Orange County
$40,500.00 Fresno County Democratic Central Committee
$32,500.00 Lgbt (Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender) Caucus Leadership Fund
$32,400.00 Eleni Kounalakis Re-Elect Eleni Kounalakis for Lieutenant Governor 2022
$32,400.00 Ricardo Lara Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner 2022
$32,400.00 Rob Bonta Rob Bonta for CA Attorney General 2022
$31,700.00 Malia Cohen Malia Cohen for Controller 2022
$22,500.00 Lisa Calderon Lisa Calderon for Assembly 2022
$19,400.00 Ash Kalra Ash Kalra for Assembly 2022
$19,400.00 Lola Smallwood- Cuevas Lola Smallwood-Cuevas for Senate 2022
$19,400.00 Mike Fong Mike Fong for Assembly 2022
$19,400.00 Mike Gipson Gipson for Assembly 2022
$19,400.00 Phil Ting Phil Ting for Assembly 2022
$19,400.00 Rick Chavez Zbur Rick Chavez Zbur for Assembly 2022
$19,400.00 Stephen Bennett Stephen Bennett for Assembly 2022
$19,400.00 Wendy Carrillo Wendy Carrillo for Assembly 2022
$19,300.00 Miguel Santiago Santiago for Assembly 2022
$19,100.00 Isaac Bryan Bryan for Assembly 2022