California Dental Association PAC (Cda PAC)

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Total Contributions
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$460,000.00 California Democratic Party
$458,307.56 California Dental Association Independent Expenditure PAC
$150,000.00 Educators and Health Professionals for Rusty Hicks for State Assembly 2024 Sponsored by Labor Unions Education and Healthcare Organizations
$105,000.00 California Republican Party - State
$100,000.00 Yes on Prop 1 - Governor Newsom's Ballot Measure Committee
$75,000.00 Health Care and Housing Providers Supporting Marc Berman for Assembly 2024 Sponsored by Healthcare Organizations and Housing Providers
$40,000.00 Lgbt (Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender) Caucus Leadership Fund
$25,000.00 Asian Pacific Islander Leadership PAC
$22,200.00 Rob Bonta Rob Bonta for CA Attorney General 2026
$20,000.00 Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy
$18,200.00 Californians Allied for Patient Protection PAC (Capp PAC)
$16,200.00 Phil Ting Phil Ting for Treasurer 2026
$15,000.00 California Jewish PAC
$15,000.00 Committee to Innovate for California's Future Evan Low Ballot Measure Committee
$12,500.00 Blanca Rubio Blanca Rubio for Assembly 2024
$11,931.25 Women in Power (Wip PAC)
$11,000.00 Buffy Wicks Buffy Wicks for Assembly 2024
$11,000.00 Cottie Petrie-Norris Cottie Petrie-Norris for Assembly 2024
$11,000.00 Marc Berman Marc Berman for Assembly 2024
$11,000.00 Phillip Chen Phillip Chen for Assembly 2024
$11,000.00 Robert Rivas Robert Rivas for Assembly 2024
$10,750.00 Matt Haney Matt Haney for Assembly 2024
$10,500.00 Jesse Gabriel Jesse Gabriel for Assembly 2024
$10,100.00 Toni Atkins Toni Atkins for LT Governor 2026
$10,000.00 Bay Area Legislative Leaders PAC