Kari Lake

$3,844,633Total Donations
$3,574,480Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this candidate’s campaign.

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Total Expenditures
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$703,386.52 Strategic Media Placement Inc ENTITY
$305,685.36 Fulfillment Solutions Inc ENTITY
$232,093.37 Arsenal Media Group LLC ENTITY
$166,280.92 Vantage ENTITY
$136,784.76 Capptomic Enterprises LLC ENTITY
$104,334.82 Mar-a-Lago Club ENTITY
$85,129.79 William Ross Trumble ENTITY
$82,509.55 Digital Fund LLC ENTITY
$81,559.89 Hsp Direct ENTITY
$80,854.73 Wheatstraw ENTITY
$76,547.74 Facebook / Meta Platforms ENTITY
$72,230.23 Cygnal LLC ENTITY
$69,754.07 Big Dog Strategies ENTITY
$65,574.00 100 Squared Financial ENTITY
$57,984.93 Lace Latulippe ENTITY
$57,448.65 Matthew Martinez ENTITY
$55,000.00 Sam Gardner Stone ENTITY
$51,786.50 Nova List ENTITY
$48,366.80 Lisa Dale INDIVIDUAL
$44,320.00 Brandzooka ENTITY
$43,881.74 Anedot Inc ENTITY
$43,184.15 Mesa Sign Shop ENTITY
$42,586.30 Winred Technical Services ENTITY
$38,640.00 Timothy a Lasota Plc ENTITY
$37,500.00 Justin Boerman INDIVIDUAL